GLOW was a sound and light installation commissioned and funded by The Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa Development ahead of the redevelopment of the Crescent as a modern spa hotel.

The work took reference from previous Crescent installations (see HERE) and like those a key aim was to bring a sense of occupancy back to the building, to reference it's history and to provide a glimpse beyond the façade and into it's interior spaces.

The resulting installation was launched on the 20th November 2015 and ran every night from dusk till 11.00pm until early January 2016.

Special thanks to Liz McKenzie for her support; to Adam Henry and John Wilson for their help; and to Bernie Dart for electrical advice.

Additional Funding provided by the Bingham Trust

Vintage lighting by Havells Sylvania U.K.

Interview on Discover Buxton Podcast (at 1.26)

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