GLOW - videos

A series of short videos revealing different stages of production and providing a rare glimpse into the interior spaces of the Crescent shortly before resoration began.

After intial meetings and a site visit in late September funding was approved on the 9th October only seven weeks before the launch date. Plans had to be carefully developed and all lighting wired from three 110v site transformers and designed to operate automatically.

Silhouettes were created from photographs of local residents produced during a photo shoot at the Green Man Gallery, Buxton in October 2015. LED floodlights were mounted on wooden stands, positioned in the first floor windows and wired into a series of hand built automatic timers.

Intro / Interiors / Videos

Installation, 4m 46s

Cutting silhouettes, 3m 13s

Silhouette Photo Shoot, Green Man Gallery, 3m 46s