Another England

Another England is an unpublished body of work produced between 1995 and 1999 exploring English Calendar Customs.

After a break of 20 years I am revisiting the work and incorportating a range of archive materials and artifacts alongside the original images to expolore the process of documentation in the context of the wider visual representation of these events.

This work is part of my contribution to the Centre for Contemporary Legend at Sheffield Hallam University.

Jan-April / May-Aug  / Sept-Dec

Haxey Hood. Haxey, Lincolnshire. Twelfth Day (6th January)

'A Fool's Game' by Jeremy J. Cooper

Stalk of Straw from the Whittlesey Bear, 1997.

Straw Bear Leaflet, 1997.

Cradle Rocking, Blidworth, Nottinghamshire - Candlemas (Sunday closest to 2nd February)

Brittania Coconut Dancers. Bacup, Lancashire. Easter Saturday.

'Nutter's Leather Badge

Bottle Kicking and Hare Pie Scramble. Hallaton, Leicestershire. Easter Monday.

Flag from Hallaton Hare Pie, 1995.

Poster for Bottle Kicking Events, 1995.