participatory projects

living through change (2007-11)


Amlwch, Anglesey, N. Wales

Amlwch is a small town on the northern tip of Anglesey with an ageing population of just 1,400 people. It was once home to the largest copper mine in the world and its port was a centre of commercial fishing.

Industry has steadily declined since the 1970s, and the town has found it difficult to attract new employers. This has led to the many young residents moving away and local people having to travel for work.

Local regeneration and attempts to develop Amlwch as a heritage area to attract tourists have had limited impact, and the economic future of this town is uncertain.


On-street video interviews were undertaken with 35 residents on carnival day. Locations, issues and subjects for a film were suggested by local people and one-to-one video interviews held with 22 residents.

These shorts are taken from the resulting feature length film entitled 'Fire, Earth and Water' that was premiered at a local venue in November 2008. The two free screenings included a Q & A with the filmmaker and researchers to gather feedback and further commentary.

films / resident images / narratives

'a very socialble and close knit community' - 3m 47s

'lucky to have a job here' - 3m 43s

'forgotten about' - 3m 19s

'can't afford a mortgage' - 3m 12s

'more shops intead of car parks' - 3m 11s

'more things for the youngsters' - 3m 12s