Amlwch - Films

A series of themed short films mixing resident commentary and imagery with video footage to explore important local issues.

On-street video interviews were undertaken with 35 residents on carnival day. Locations, issues and subjects for a film were suggested by local people and one-to-one video interviews held with 22 residents.

These shorts are taken from the resulting feature length film entitled 'Fire, Earth and Water' that was premiered at a local venue in November 2008. The two free screenings included a Q & A with the filmmaker and researchers to gather feedback and further commentary.

resident images / films / narratives

'a very socialble and close knit community' - 3m 47s

'lucky to have a job here' - 3m 43s

'forgotten about' - 3m 19s

'can't afford a mortgage' - 3m 12s

'more shops intead of car parks' - 3m 11s

'more things for the youngsters' - 3m 12s