participatory projects

living through change (2007-11)


West Kensington, London

The West Kensington estate on North End Road in West London was built in the early 1970s and contains around 1,000 homes. Nearby are a number of other council properties including the Gibbs Green and Clem Attlee estates.

The wider North End Road neighbourhood is a mixed-income district, with a diverse population comprised of both long term residents and short term or transient inhabitants.

A major building programme is currently planned for the area which may see the demolition of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates as part of a redevelopment of the nearby Earls Court complex.


A series of photo-narratives based on the short films mixing resident commentary with photographs and video stills to explore residents feelings about their community along with key social and economic issues.

The commentary is taken from audio recordings of one-to-one interviews.

films / walks / resident images / narratives

'The haves and have nots' commentary by local residents.

'Being able to shop fresh' commentary by local residents.

'I don't know where everyone has gone' commentary by local residents.