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cannonball soup (2023)

lover's leap (2023)

danse macarbe (2022)

trooping the colour (2022)

a better day (2020)

another england (1995-2000)

sixteen (1999)

the new game (1995)

bonfire (1990)

Danse Macarbe

Within minutes of the announcement of the Queen’s failing health on the 8th September 2022 people began to lay flowers outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. By the time her death was announced at 6.30pm local florists had sold out and the following day people were queueing through Green Park to pay their respects. The flowers were soon moved from the Palace into Green Park where there was space for them to be displayed and viewed while ever more were added.

Accompanied by personal notes, the floral tributes, often included portraits depicting the Queen in formal poses from across her 50 year reign. These drawings, usually based on well known media images, formed a vernacular expression of the Queens public persona.

In Green Park a continuous stream of people quietly and calmly followed the winding paths between the mountains of flowers and portraits. Almost all documenting the displays, taking selfies, or live-streaming via thier mobile phones and tablets, with screens, portraits and photographers in a media inspired danse macabre beneath the trees.

Produced as a limited edition 56 page digitally printed B5 book.

The images presented here are a selection of spreads from the book.

Danse Macarbe